April 2015

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Volunteers are very special people. They give of themselves willingly expecting very little in return. They are most happy helping anyone in need. Commission on Aging Volunteers are among the most outstanding individuals I’ve ever met.

Here is a sampling of how Gold Key Volunteers make a difference:
One client whose family lives out of state reported that shopping with our grocery shoppers gives him the freedom to purchase items with the confidence that he will get the things he needs like fresh fruits and vegetables and still save money. Another client who uses a walker finds it very difficult to shop alone. She said

“The volunteers are a blessing. They lift things for me and help me do things that I used to be able to do for myself, but can’t do anymore.”

Gold Key Volunteers definitely go the extra mile! An older adult is very grateful to our Escort Drivers who transport her to medical appointments and stated

“If COA didn’t have volunteer drivers I would not be able to make it to any medical appointments.”

The stories go on and on:

“Volunteers make everything easier, I’m able to get where I need to go.”

Another client reported that

“Gold Key Drivers are very friendly, courteous and accommodating, they stay with you when needed.”

A dialysis client told us

“I don’t feel well and it’s hard to wait and ride the bus after dialysis. The drivers always get me home sooner and I’m so grateful.”

One thankful recipient knows

“As I am to the age that I quit driving, I don’t like asking other people, but when I ask them (COA) I know they (the Volunteers) want to be there and they will take me where I need to go.”

Gold Key Volunteers provide a wide variety of services to clients in every township. You may see them assisting at a food site or delivering a meal to a homebound client, perhaps preparing tax returns, assisting with Medicare Part D or knitting or sewing items for those in need. Did you know Needle Craft volunteers created and donated more than 3500 items last year? One of many Thank You notes read “I just wanted to thank you for your generous and lovely donation of hats, mittens, and blankets. I am glad to have items like this to offer to our families in need.”

Finally, a client summed it up with

“I give utmost praise to Commission on Aging for their services.”

Many of those services are possible because of all the COA Volunteers. Thank you COA Volunteers, we appreciate you!

Ginny Cain, Gold Key Volunteer Program Coordinator