Friday, October 18, 2019

Mission Moments

February 2013

Occasionally I receive letters from clients thanking Commission on Aging for the services we provide. One particular letter described how grateful a client was to receive meals and have a volunteer to talk to every day. As older adults first start to receive meals at home through the Home Delivered Meal program, I never know how it will impact his/her life. Sometimes having that meal delivered each day allows that person to stay in their own home instead of moving into a more supportive living environment.

I am very thankful that this program can touch so many lives for the person receiving the meal and for those planning, cooking, and delivering that meal.

Carmel Slebodnik, Nutrition Program Director

January 2013

As a new year begins so do the resolutions. How many times have people made resolutions that only last a month or two at most? A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that a person makes that is to guide them throughout the year. One such goal a person could make is to give back to their community.


October 2012

I met this person several years ago shortly after her spouse passed away. She was having a very difficult time adjusting to the loss of her husband of many years and requested a friendly visitor for herself. She wanted someone to spend time with her and get her out a bit. We found a visitor, and the visits went well – very well, as a matter of fact. A few months later I received another phone call from her and she wanted to change things a bit. Now she wanted to be a friendly visitor!