Friday, October 18, 2019

Mission Moments

May 2012

If your passion is keeping older adults healthy and independent, your donation can help one of the following programs:

Foster Grandparent Program
“Hey, I know how to spell that because Grandma taught me!” This is just one of many achievements that students will share about the Foster Grandparent Volunteer who serves in their classroom. The teachers will also testify to the impact that our volunteers have on their students. For the student who had a language delay - Grandma became her voice. For the student who struggles with confidence – Grandpa was there to hold them up so they wouldn’t give up. For the student who desperately wanted to review her sight words and read to someone, but there was no one at home who took the time - they knew their Foster Grandparent would be there for them the next day so they could practice their reading. Our volunteers give the gift of time - which is the most valuable gift to a child in need.


April 2012

Occasionally we all receive advice or a recommendation from a friend or relative to try something new or do something different such as try a new exercise or eat a new type of food. How often do we take that advice seriously? What about advice or recommendations from your Doctor? Have you stayed on a diet plan or followed medical advice from your Doctor, because you trust his/her opinion?


January 2012

For most of us, there comes a time when advice from an elder may hit a little close to home. In the years I’ve been working with older adults, I’ve had my share of “advice.” Most recently it came from an older woman with whom I was having a conversation. We were discussing that the holidays were fast approaching and the New Year wasn’t far behind. She had never been one to “mince words,” so she asked if I was ready for Christmas. I replied, “Not exactly.” She then asked if I had thought about my New Year’s resolutions. I replied, “Not exactly, but I do have the college football bowl schedule memorized.” With a glance that nearly took my breath away, she said, “I’m sure knowing the college football bowl schedule is life changing,” and even I heard the sarcasm in her remark. She then asked if I had thought about some improvements I might make in the New Year or maybe some things for which I was thankful. I resisted the urge to say I wasn’t quite sure how thankful I was at this particular moment with this particular conversation.