Sunday, June 16, 2019

Elder Abuse

The No Excuse for Elder Abuse program is an awareness campaign in Michigan that was created to inform the public about the growing problem of elder abuse and financial exploitation. Elder Abuse is more than just a family matter and it is believed that 1 in 10 older adults are suffering from elder abuse. Nearly 6 million cases of elder abuse were reported in 2012. Some examples of elder abuse include:

Physical Abuse - physical force that results in bodily injury, pain or impairment.

Sexual Abuse - non-consensual sexual contact of any kind.

Domestic Violence - violence by an intimate partner that is used to exercise power and control.

Psychological Abuse - infliction of mental or emotional anguish by threat, humiliation or verbal and nonverbal conduct.

Financial Abuse - the illegal or improper use of an older persons funds, property or resources.

Neglect - the failure of a caregiver to fulfill their care giving responsibilities.

Self-Neglect - the failure to provide for one’s own essential needs.

If you know someone who you think may be suffering from one or more of these forms of elder abuse, help is available.  Call Michigan’s statewide protective services number at (855) 444-3911

Elder Abuse can happen to anyone by anyone, in fact nearly 2/3 or 66% of elder abuse perpetrators are family members. 

For more information about the elder abuse laws or for more information contact: or the Isabella County Commission on Aging at (989) 772-0748.