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We regret we can no longer accept animals from outside Isabella County.

Isabella County Animal Control works in conjunction with the Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS) to provide adoption services, spaying and neutering, and preventing the suffering and death of countless unwanted animals.

Information regarding dog licenses.

Adoption Fees:

Adoption fees can be viewed at

Other Service Fees:

Release Fees: $10.00
Dogs/Puppies $10.00
Puppies/litter (3 or more) $20.00
Cats/Kittens $10.00
Kittens/litter (3 or more) $10.00
Impound Fees:  
1st Time Dog $35.00
2nd Time Dog  $55.00
3rd Time Dog  $75.00
  Plus $10.00 per day for boarding 
  Additional medical fees may apply
Impound Fees: $10.00
Cats Plus $2.00 per day for boarding
  Additional medical fees may apply
Quarantine:  $25.00
  Plus $10.00 per day for boarding


Please make checks payable to: Isabella County Animal Control
$15.00 NSF Check Fee