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Friend of the Court

This Web Site is brought to you by the Isabella County Friend of the Court Office. It provides general information about Michigan's Friend of the Court System as well as divorce education and information. Each case is handled individually and, thus, the information here is general and the procedures are applied to a variety of circumstances that families encounter when they reside in two separate residences. Many parts of this website are interrelated, but appear in different sections. If you have an existing case with the Friend of the Court, and you want specific case information, please call the Friend of the Court Office where your case is located. 
Chances are good that there will be a relationship between your family and the Friend of the Court Office for several years to come. We wish this relationship to be a good one, and we hope that the following information will be helpful. Please do your part and attempt to learn what we do by reading the information provided.
The Friend of the Court staff is strictly prohibited from giving legal advice, and for that reason your attorney may need to be involved in your decision making processes. 
Also, state and federal regulations are always changing and although we try to keep the information found on these pages current, there may be occurrences when something may not be. Please double check with our office if there is any doubt.

For Friend of the Court inquiries in other counties in Michigan, please direct your questions to the Court that retains jurisdiction of your court file.

Thank you.

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