Monday, September 16, 2019

There are some ways you as parents can help:

Talk to your children:

Children need to know what is happening to them. Divorce and separation of the family are a very scary time for children. They need to know what will change and what will be the same. Do not use this time as an opportunity to list the faults of the other parent. A simple explanation that lets them know what is happening without putting them in the middle of the conflict is sufficient.

Reassure them of your love:

Children may think that if Mom and Dad can stop loving each other, that they could stop loving them too. They need to be reassured over and over again that your love for them will continue even if Mom and Dad no longer love each other.

Encourage frequent contact with both parents:

Besides telling your children that you still love them, they must continue to have regular and frequent contact with both parents. Separation is frightening for children and they will benefit from being able to spend time with both parents. Even a telephone call to your child can make them feel very special.