Monday, September 16, 2019

Elementary School Age Children (6-10 years)

Developmental Task
To learn skills to be competent, industrious and productive. Focused toward school, outside activities and peer relationships.

Characteristics of this Stage
Child can for the first time begin to think logically, take the role and perspective of another person, and show true empathy. No longer purely egocentric (or self-centered). Time perspective strongly developed; child can maintain close relationship with other parent even with more extended periods away from that parent.

Signs of Stress
Problems with school performance and peer relationships. With new empathy ability, child reacts strongly to parent’s pain. Child acts angry, blaming, morally and righteously indignant; avows loyalty to one parent and may refuse to spend time with other parent. Child appears sad and morose.

Child Needs
Help with solving school and peer problems at early stage. Give reassurance with clear, understandable explanations. Remove child from middle of parental disputes and/or as caretaker of parent. Continue consistency in routine. Make allowances within time-sharing schedule to let child’s outside activities and peer friendships develop and grow.