Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Jury Duty Information

Jurors are an essential part of the American judicial system. Most people who serve on jury duty find it to be worthwhile and extremely helpful in understanding how the legal system works. Should you be called to serve as a juror in Isabella County, we will make every effort to make your experience pleasurable.

Juror information number

The juror information number is 1-800-466-9061. Instructions are pre-recorded and available 24 hours a day. Keep this telephone number, along with your assigned juror number, available while serving on jury duty. You must follow the instructions on the juror telephone until you are excused.


All jurors must attend orientation before serving as a juror.  Orientation will be held the first time you are ordered to report.  Failure to attend orientation or any future jury selection may result in fines or jail.

Security Procedures

All persons entering the courthouse will be screened for the following prohibited items: weapons of any kind, sharp objects, mace, handcuff keys, pocket knives, nail files, and sharp combs. Food and beverages are also prohibited. Please do not bring these items with you.  If such an item is in your possession at the screening station, you will be asked to return the item to your vehicle, as we do not have the personnel or space to hold such items for you. Cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed in the court building.

Duty to serve

Persons selected for jury duty must appear as directed by this court, whether notified by written correspondence or directed on the juror telephone.  Failure to attend as directed could result in fines or jail.

Requests to be Excused

Any request to be excused from jury duty must be submitted in writing outlining the reason for not being able to serve along with a return address and your juror number. Your request must be sent within 14 days of the date of your first notification letter.