Jim Horton - Commissioner

Contact Information


(989) 621-1534

Jim Horton (R)


Includes: Union Township, excepting that portion that is bound by the City of Mount Pleasant to the west, Isabella Road to the east, Broomfield Road to the north and Bluegrass Road to the south; and excepting that portion that is bounded by Crawford Road to the west, Mission Road to the east, the City of Mount Pleasant to the north and Millbrook Road to the south; and including that portion of Chippewa Township north of Pickard Road (M-20).

Standing Committees and Appointments:

  • Board of Commissioners – Chairperson
  • BOC Criminal Justice and County Affairs Committee – Alternate
  • BOC Finance and Administration Committee – Alternate
  • BOC Human Resources and Public Works Committee – Alternate
  • BOC Intergovernmental Affairs Committee – Alternate
  • Central Michigan District Health Department Board – Member
  • Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! Workforce Development Board – Member
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee – Member
  • Material Recovery Facility Advisory Board – Member
  • Medical Control Board – Member
  • Middle Michigan Development Corporation – Alternate
  • Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) Advisory Board – Alternate

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