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Isabella County Building

Property Fraud Alert Service

The service sends you an e-mail notification when a document is filed in Isabella County with your name on it. The service is provided at NO CHARGE by your Isabella Register of Deeds office.

Community Foreclosure Response Toolkit

User friendly toolkit provided by the Community Foreclosure Response to help reduce foreclosures

Passport / Passbook Services

The Register of Deeds Office provides passports and passbooks see our passport page for details.

For more information regarding current passport/passbook requirements, fees, and travel warnings visit

Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is the official recording officer and keeper of the records for all legal papers and instruments pertaining to the transfer and encumbrances of all lands and properties within Isabella County.

The Register of Deeds must maintain reception books and indexes for all the recorded papers. The indexing is done alphabetically and must appear under each name that appears on the papers, as either the first or second parties. The reception books give notice that the papers have been placed on record and is also part of the bookkeeping record that must be kept for the office. We also maintain a tract index which permits locating recorded information by way of the legal description.

All papers must have the exact time they are received for recording and must be placed in the entry book in this order. They are given a liber and page and the exact amount received for the recording or filing must appear in the entry book immediately after the names. All papers are handled many times before the recording is complete and the instruments are ready to be returned. Every paper must be checked to determine if they are eligible to record in accordance with the Compiled Laws of Michigan.

All recorded papers are copied exactly and in full, this is done by scanning them into a computer.

The Register of Deeds serves the public with research and is also chairperson of the County Plat Board. All plats are recorded in the Register of Deeds office.

The office is used by Abstractors, Surveyors, Attorneys, and individuals who check on the recording and filing of many papers pertaining to their business.

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