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    Isabella County

    Located in the heart of Central Lower Michigan, Isabella County was once one of the most magnificent pine and hardwood areas in all of the Great Lakes region. It was part of the Chippewa Indian’s winter hunting grounds and was called “Ojibiway Besse” (the place of the Chippewa). The Chippewa may have traveled in and around the area for as long as 10,000 years. In 1675, Father Henry Nouvel, successor to Father Marquette, spent the winter here with the Beaver Clan of the Chippewa Indians, becoming one of the first Europeans on record to visit the area. It would be nearly 200 more years before Europeans returned to what would become Isabella County. Isabella County was first established as a separate county in 1831, and officially organized in 1859 under Act No. 118 of the Michigan Legislature.

    Today, Isabella County is proud to be home to Central Michigan University, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, the City of Mount Pleasant, and many more beautiful and welcoming communities. Isabella County is known for academics and athletics as well as its exceptional outdoor beauty. Visitors from across the state and the nation come to enjoy the many beautiful parks, lakes, campgrounds, and extensive trails. From canoeing to hiking, camping to picnicking, cheering on the Central Michigan Chippewas or trying your luck at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort, there’s so much to see and enjoy in Isabella County.

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