Tobin Hope Commissioner

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Tobin Hope (D)


Includes: that portion of the City of Mount Pleasant south of High Street (M-20), excepting that portion bounded by Watson Street to the west, Mission Street (US 127BR) to the east, High Street (M-20) to the north and Preston Street to the south; and that portion of Union Township that is bounded by Crawford Road to the west, Mission Road to the east, the City of Mount Pleasant to the north and Millbrook Road to the south.

Standing Committees and Appointments:

  • Board of Commissioners – Vice Chairperson
  • BOC Finance and Administration Committee – Chairperson
  • BOC Intergovernmental Affairs Committee – Chairperson
  • BOC E.coli Ad Hoc Committee – Chairperson
  • Central Michigan Community Mental Health Board – Member
  • Resource Conservation Development Board – Member

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