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Tips for witnesses

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Witness Services and Tips


As a witness you are doing a service for your community. The following services are provided mainly for Trial Court to make your appearance as convenient as possible.

  • Help witnesses solve problems caused by appearing in Court
  • Tell witnesses of delay in the trial or if they will not be needed
  • Place witnesses on call when possible to avoid waiting
  • Take the witness from the waiting room to the Courtroom at the time he or she is needed
  • Help in payment of witness fees – A witness will receive $6.00 for each half day and $12.00 for each full day that he/she is called to testify. These amounts are set by law.

If you are required to appear in Court as a witness:

Tell The Truth

The single most important item of advice is to tell the truth.

Dress Appropriately

It is not necessary to wear a suit. It is important to present yourself as respectably as possible in court. Dress appropriately; court is a formal setting and witnesses should dress accordingly.

Be Prepared

Think about the answers you will give to the questions you will probably be asked.

Stick To The Facts

The Judge wants to hear only the facts as you know them to be, not what someone else told you.

Relax, Speak Clearly

You have nothing to fear when giving truthful answers. When you are asked questions, give the Judge your answer as clearly as possible.

Do Not Get Frustrated

If you don’t understand a question, ask that it be repeated. State your answers clearly. Some questions might seem repetitive or irrelevant, but the attorneys are doing their job, and your job as a witness is to answer their questions to the best of your ability. Try to keep your composure on the stand even if frustration starts to set in.