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2200 S. Lincoln Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone:(989) 772-0748
Fax:(989) 773-0514
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Except holidays

ActiveLiving is a monthly newspaper published by the Friends of Isabella Seniors (FOIS) for the Isabella County Commission on Aging. The publication provides information on a wide variety of programs, services and activities for Older Adults in Isabella County.

An annual donation rate of $20.00 is requested. However, if you are unable to donate the newspaper will not be denied. ActiveLiving is also available in an audio version for individuals with problems of low vision.

While it’s primary focus is on the programs and services of the Isabella County Commission on Aging, ActiveLiving also offers information on a variety of other services provided through other human services agencies in the area. You will find monthly articles on medical and consumer issues; on travel opportunities and activities at the COA Activity Center; and you will also find a monthly menu and calendar of activities for the Food With Friends Nutrition Program.

ActiveLiving is available by mail, email, or online.

E-mail Mary Fremin or call 772-0748 with the the following information:

Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
Street Address
City, State Zipcode
Phone number

ActiveLiving is mailed under a nonprofit automated mail rate and will not be forwarded with a notice to the post office. Please notify the Commission on Aging office each time you request a change to assure we record changes correctly.