Pere Marquette Rail-Trail

200 N. Main Street Rm. 110
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone:(989) 317-4083
Fax:(989) 779-9916
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Except holidays

Pere Marquette Rail-Trail Information

The Pere Marquette Rail-Trail follows the Midland to Clare route of the old Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad. This railroad once moved timber to the sawmills and supplies to the thriving logging industry that existed during the last century and before.

This trail is one of Michigan’s best known, offering a well maintained, hard surface for walking, jogging, biking, in-line skating, cross country skiing…just about any mode of non-motorized transportation.

This 8.25 mile paved trail is traffic-free, handicap accessible, safe and convenient park for participants of all ages! Parking areas, restrooms, and other facilities are well situated along its route.

The trail connects to the Midland and Clare County Rail-Trail, offering nearly 30 miles of accessible trails.

Enjoy the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail! Please be safe and remember basic Rail-Trail etiquette. From our friends at the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy:

  1. Use safe speeds.
  2. Keep right, pass left.
  3. Standing still? Move to the side of or off the trail.
  4. Mind your pets! Keep your pets secure and be prepared to manage their energy!
  5. Be alert.

Remember only class 1 ebikes are permitted on the trail.  A rule of thumb you may want to consider is “if it has a throttle it is not permitted on the trail.”

Location & Hours:

Located along Business US-10 East of Clare – Trailhead at Loomis
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Open All Year

Reservations & Info:

Call the Parks Main Office (989) 317-4083

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Pere Marquette Rail-Trail Fall

Recreational Activities



In-line skating

Cross country skiing

No motorized vehicles allowed

Park Amenities

8.25 miles of paved trail

Links to Midland Rail-Trail offering 30 miles of paved trail

Rail-Trail Etiquette

Keep right except to pass

Alert others when passing by using voice or bell

Yield to slower traffic

Always travel at safe speeds

Don’t block the trail

Dogs must be on a leash

Please help keep the trail clean

Helmets are suggested for your safety

News & Announcements

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